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Agricola Redesign: A Year in Review

29.12.2017 in Home Decor

It's hard to believe that 2017 is coming to an end! As we say goodbye to the year and welcome 2018, we wanted to take a look back on some of our blogs and reminisce a bit! Happy New Year to all of you, we...

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Celebrate National “Tick Tock” Day December 22

15.12.2017 in Home Decor

There's a day for everything, and that includes National Tick Tock Day! Mark your calendars for December 22 and celebrate National Tick Tock Day by adding a timepiece or two to your home's decor. The team at Agricola Redesign loves using clocks to decorate clients' homes,...

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Tips for Hosting a Holiday Movie Night

08.12.2017 in Home Decor

Get your friends and family in the holiday spirit by hosting a holiday movie night! There are TONS of great classics that are perfect to watch with those who mean the most to you! Check out these tips for hosting a holiday movie night: 1. Choose your...

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Reevaluate Your Home with a Snow Day

01.12.2017 in Home Decor

When was the last time you took a breather, sat down, and simply enjoyed your home? Between work, kids, busy schedules, activities, the holidays, and everything else, it's easy to neglect your home and forget just how much you love it. That's why we're suggesting your...

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Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

17.11.2017 in Home Decor

It's that time of the year when you reflect on all the things you're thankful for in life. From family, friends, to all of your other blessings, it's certainly a way to remind yourself of just how much support and love you have in your...

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