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Who to Follow in the Design World: Dorothy Draper

15.09.2017 in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

There are plenty of design gurus out there, and their social media channels are a fabulous place to find inspiration! From Joanna Gaines and the personalities at HGTV to more traditional design pros, there's one designer I have always admired the late Dorothy Draper. Dorothy Draper was the designer who...

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Home Redesign: A Look Back

08.09.2017 in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

I have been working as an interior redesigner for more than 15 years (wow, time sure flies when you're having fun!). In that time, so much has changed, especially in the last decade. Of course, things are always going to change when it comes to home...

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The Process of a Home Redesign

01.09.2017 in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

When it comes to redesigning a client's home, there's a process that goes into it to make the entire room, or house, come together. In terms of what goes into creating and designing the perfect home redesign, clients often wonder about the pieces that go into...

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