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Chic Storage Ideas

09.11.2015 in Home Decor

You can never have enough storage. And the longer you live there, the more you'll need it! That's why we love to recommend built-ins when clients are custom building or remodeling. Those can get expensive, though! Being the redesign experts that we are, we love coming up...

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Pillow Talk

04.11.2015 in Home Decor, Tips From The Designers Tuesday

We've been known to design an entire room around one single pillow. That's how powerful these little pillows can be. They can add an unexpected pop of color, tie a a room together, and easily be changed out for the season, occasion, or (let's face...

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Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas

26.10.2015 in Home Decor

Halloween is coming up! If you haven't had time to haunt your home, here are some great last minute Halloween home decor ideas! Click on the images to learn more about how to make, or where to get them! And click here to check out some...

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Pet Lover Decor Ideas

19.10.2015 in Home Decor

Our pets are family members, so it's important to make them feel at home. We found a bunch of great pet-related decor ideas we think you and your four legged friends will love! Click on the images below to see where you can get or...

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Accessorizing for Fall

12.10.2015 in Home Decor

Fall is our favorite season! Not only for all the great fall decor (click here to see our frugal fall decor ideas we posted last week), but it's also a fun season for accessorizing your wardrobe! We decided to offer up some great color stories and accessory...

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