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Tips for Hosting a Holiday Movie Night

08 Dec 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

Get your friends and family in the holiday spirit by hosting a holiday movie night! There are TONS of great classics that are perfect to watch with those who mean the most to you!

Check out these tips for hosting a holiday movie night:

1. Choose your movie: With so many holiday classics out there, you may have difficulty in making a decision on what to watch. Think about who you’re inviting over before you make your choice. Will there be lots of little kids there? Consider something like Jack Frost or the classic clay-mation movies that were popular when you were younger. You’ll enjoy introducing the kids to the oldies like “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and watching the little clay animals on the TV will give you some serious nostalgia. If the group is a little older, play Home Alone or think about something like A Christmas Story!

2. Take a look at the room: When you decide where everyone will be watching the movie, evaluate the room you’ll be in. Is the furniture set up in a way that makes it easy for those on the couch to see the television? Is there space to throw some blankets on the floor and make a comfy viewing spot? Do a little rearranging if you have to so everyone has the best seat in the house!

3. Get the snacks ready: Make sure you have plenty of snacks for everyone to enjoy while they watch the movie. Popcorn, candy, and other traditional movie snacks are perfect. You can also go all out and cook a few appetizers that your guests will love.

4. Enjoy the night: Above everything else about your planned movie night, make sure you enjoy it! Don’t stress and fret over how things look and if it’s all perfect, just think about having fun and enjoying the time you’re going to have with your friends and family.

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