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His, Hers & Ours – Creating A Wedding Registry

19 Jun 2016, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Make Me Want To Shop Monday

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. From choosing THE dress to getting a registry together, we can definitely see why it’s so overwhelming. But we’re here to help – at least with the registry part!

We understand how men can be possessive over their items – especially if they’re coming from their own bachelor pad where they haven’t needed to put a “feminine” touch on anything just yet. But now that the time has come, it can be hard for you to explain why not everything needs to be super hero-themed or feature a sports car on it.

Agricola Redesign offers gift certificates, Diane Agricola and her team can be the impartial design pro who can suggest what will work best when combining his, hers to ours! Give them a call 513-771-3927 Gift Certificate for a design consult makes a great gift starting at 150.00

Before you venture out on the registry trip, consider making a stop at A Village Gift Shop. You’ll find that we carry several items that will help to suit your needs, and our personal shoppers can help to bring down the tension and stress of having so many items to choose from!

Give yourself (or your future hubby!) a boost in the kitchen with this Brie baker and dip mix. Who doesn’t love Brie and who doesn’t love to dip their food into even tastier food?!


Don’t forget to ask your shopper about our Mud-Pie gift. This includes a butter dish, frame, and a serving platter so when you have family over to your newlywed household for your first holiday you can present items in the prettiest of dishes!


Give your home a fresh scent with our Ella B Neighborhood Candle. These pure soy candles have a beautiful fragrance, are hand-poured, and even features the scent of a local Cincinnati neighborhood!


These are just a few of the TONS of items you can find at A Village Gift Shop, so stop by and see us at 3 Village Square in historic Glendale.