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Who to Follow in the Design World: Dorothy Draper

15 Sep 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

There are plenty of design gurus out there, and their social media channels are a fabulous place to find inspiration! From Joanna Gaines and the personalities at HGTV to more traditional design pros, there’s one designer I have always admired the late Dorothy Draper.

Dorothy Draper was the designer who worked to make the Greenbrier the beautiful hotel it is today. Her designs used large patterns and graphics, and she combined them in wildly amazing ways! While I could never use the patterns she used in her designs in my clients’ home, I love the lesson her designs give us when it comes to mixing patterns and colors.

During her time, Dorothy trained Carlton Varney, who still does the decor for the Greenbrier as well as its new addition: a casino. I have had the pleasure of meeting Carlton, and it was an amazing experience! He uses lots of bright colors and patterns, but in a way that I would be able to incorporate some of that inspiration into a client’s home.

If you’re looking to get inspired and change up your home, I recommended purchasing one of his books. The images will ignite your imagination!

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