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Tips on Creating a Man Cave

09 Sep 2016, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

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Football season is finally here!

Whether you’re a football fanatic or simply enjoy the opportunity to let the games bring you closer to your friends and family, Agricola Redesign and A Village Gift Shop want to share some tips with you on how to create the perfect “man cave” for all the upcoming football festivities this year.

Primatives footballA man cave doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a place for your hubby to hibernate (unless you really want it to). Gone are the days of no longer seeing your spouse as he disappears for football season, but rather, a man cave can be a place that allows the whole family to feel at home.


A Village Gift Shop has lots of Man Cave-approved inspiration pieces.

Check out these tips for creating the perfect man cave:

Find inspiration: Before you start anything, pick out an inspiration piece. Whether it’s a desk, pool table, or even a piece of art, you can use it as inspiration to choose an overall look for the man cave.

Make a list: Before you can start building or decorating your man cave, make sure you make a list! That way, you stay on track when you’re there, and you’ll know everything you need before you get started (and avoid all those annoying trips back to the store to get all your forgotten items)!

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Ask for help: Ask friends and family for help while you’re building or decorating your man cave. It’ll not only help the job go by faster but it’ll also give the room a sentimental feel and you’ll think about those who helped every time you step in the room.

Visit A Village Gift Shop to check out great selection of accessories that are perfect for your Man (Family) Cave. We’re located at 3 Village Square in Glendale! Call (513) 324-3927 for hours and directions.