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Three Tips for Creating a Tray Tablescape!

14 Jul 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Fun Fridays, Home Decor, Make Me Want To Shop Monday

Layers are having a huge moment in home decor, in the same way they’re stealing the show in fashion! The layered look gives a room (or an object in a room) depth and creates a focal point for the space.


One of the easiest ways to create a layered look is with a centerpiece. You probably have one on your dining table and another on your coffee table. But is it a look you love? Does it feel like something is missing?

If you’ve found it difficult to create a centerpiece on your dining table or an eye-catching look on your coffee table, the design team here at Agricola Redesign is here to help!

We put together these three helpful tips for creating a fabulous tray tablescape you’ll love!

1. When shopping for a tray, you want it to be a similar shape to the table you’re putting it on. So, if your table is round, try a round tray. Have a square coffee table? Go with a square tray.

2. Think about the items you want to display on your tray tablescape, such as a plant, photo frames, or candles. You don’t want to choose too many big items that will overwhelm the tray, but rather, go with a variety of sizes that will complement each other well.

3. Arrange your items on the tray, varying the heights of them all. You can set a photo frame on a couple of stacked books or set a plant on a small box.

Looking to change up your home decor? Consider contacting the design team at Agricola Redesign for a consultation. We specialize in redesign – ¬†working with the items you already own — to give you a refreshed look that’s budget friendly. Owner Diane Agricola will visit your home, answer any and all of your decorating questions and concerns, and develop the perfect plan for you! She’ll give you DIY suggestions or schedule a time for her team to visit your house to help you create the home of your dreams!

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