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The Big Day: My Son is Married!

27 Oct 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

The Big Day has finally come and gone! My one and only son was married on October 7. It was such a special day full of emotions and happiness, forever engraved on my heart!

So much goes into planning, coordinating and producing a big event like this. Then, on the day of, all that time and hard work just seems to fade. You get lost in what really matters: the love between the bride and groom. We certainly saw that love shine through all night long, and it made this proud mama so, so very happy.


I’ll never forget that room, overflowing with such beauty, love and people there to show their adoration and support for my son, Jeff, and the love of his life Tiernee.

As a mom, Jeff will always be my little boy saying “mom, mom, mom” a million times and always needing me to help him with something. But today, I could not be more proud of the man he has become.

Once he was married, I was asked “Are you sad, do you feel like you’re losing your son?” My response? “No, I don’t feel sad. I am so thrilled for the two of them. I’m GAINING a daughter-in-law in this and look forward to all that lies ahead for the two of them.”

But my heart always smiles when he calls just to say hello and fill me in on what’s happening in their lives.

Being a mom is truly an incredible journey — filled with so many ups, downs, tears and smiles — but at the end of the day, so very fulfilling. I am so happy to share this excitement of my only child’s marriage with all of you!