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Tablescape Ideas for Easter!

14 Apr 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

Easter is Sunday and if you haven’t started the planning process then you better get to it! For us, one of the most exciting parts about hosting this holiday family dinner is creating a beautiful tablescape!

Dress your dining table for the family this spring, which is ALWAYS fun, with these ideas:

1. Recycle mason jars and fill them with fresh flowers straight from your own garden! The look of mason jars its spring-ish enough itself, but adding in pretty flowers like daffodils will give you that added look!

2. Potted grass and stones are the perfect way to add natural elements to your Easter table design. Easter decor is all about pastel colors and nature, so why not incorporate that into your tablescape look? When you include the potted grass and stones with the flowers you’ll find that the looks complement each other quite well!

3. When we’re starting a tablescape design, we like to always start with a runner! It gives you design a base and then you can add layers on top of it to build up your display. After you find a great runner – either a pastel color, a simple white, or even a burlap runner – add a large tray to the center to help you with the beginning stages of building out the look. From there you can add your mason jars, flowers, stones, and other Easter table decor!

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