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My Tennessee Mountain Home

23 Nov 2015, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

With Thanksgiving this week, I thought I’d share something special I’m very thankful for. I’m most thankful for my family and their health. I’m also thankful for a very special place — our lake house in Tennessee — where my family and I go to rest, relax and make memories.Tenn 4

Everyone needs a place that brings them peace and they can feel relaxed the minute you walk in. For some people it is a visit to the beach, for others it is a visit to the dessert. For me it is always going to be the lake.

Our family is blessed to have this small home on Lake Norris. To say I’m obsessed with the lake is an understatement. It’s where we go as a family to unwind, and for me time to think of fresh design ideas inspired by nature, or the hundreds of design books and magazines I bring to read.

If you are drawn to beach vacations you are more likely to be attracted in your décor to light, cool colors — think sand, sea shells and beautiful blues and greens.Tenn 2

If you are a dessert vacationer, you’re probably drawn to the warm tones of the south west think beautiful sunsets, terracotta tiles, textured rugs, bringing warmth and comfort.

At the lake, every season inspires me, I love the red clay in Tennessee. It is such a rich color, I love the warmer weather but yet there is still a change of season. Spring brings gorgeous dogwoods, summer brings beautiful green rolling hills, and fall is just magnificent.

I have enjoyed breaking away from the stresses of every day and taking it a bit slower in Tennessee. What inspires your home décor?

Check out the video we put together below with lots of great cabin chic, lake house lovely, and mountain home marvelous design ideas!