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Happy National Dog Day! 4 Home Design Tips for Your Furry Friend!

26 Aug 2016, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor, Tips From The Designers Tuesday
National Dog Day is August 26.

National Dog Day is August 26.

In what may be the best day of the year- besides Christmas – we celebrate National Dog Day on August 26. Here at Agricola Redesign, we’ve always been a little over-the-top about animals. Sometimes, we catch ourselves spending more time with our clients’ pets than our actual clients. Ha!

But having a pet doesn’t come without challenges, especially when you want to give them a space that allows them to be safe and comfortable in your home. Here are some home design tips when it comes to decorating with a pet in mind:

Consider the drool factor: Does your pet leave a trail wherever he or she goes? If so, think about your fabric choices when bringing in furniture and other items. You’ll want something that is durable and also washable – ya know, just in case. You may have your furry friend trained to stay off the furniture, but we’ve been in many homes and as soon as mom and dad leave – yep, they’re up on the couch.

Child-pro..Oops! We mean, puppy-proof: When you look at the images on Houzz or Pinterest, you’re probably seeing all kinds of low-set tables that are full of great accessories. Well, you might want to rethink those ideas if you have a pet that’s able to reach what’s on the table and make it their new favorite toy. Just as you would do if/when you had a small child, you’re going to have to think of many of those same things with a pet.

Add built-in storage for toys: Love Fido but not all of his toys lying around the house? How about this idea – bring in accent tables that have built-in storage to put your four-legged friend’s toys and pet supplies. Not only will this keep things out of the way, but you’ll also always know where everything is!

Go with pet-friendly fabric: When you’re buying a large item like a couch, make sure you consider going with a fabric that is similar to the color of your pet’s fur or a smaller print fabric. Large prints won’t hide pet hair as well as smaller prints, and if you have a dark-colored dog combined with a linen-colored sofa you’ll find that you’ll be quite busy with the lint brush.

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