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Three Tips for Springing Forward

10 Mar 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Tips From The Designers Tuesday

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Is it just us or does springing forward really take a toll on your sleep schedule? The kids are ALWAYS late on Monday morning and while the longer days are nice, so are the nights when we didn’t feel like we were staying up until the wee hours of the morning only to wake up as soon as the sun broke the horizon.

To help you prepare for the time change, we’re offering up these tips on springing forward without losing productivity:

1. Mental preparation: The best way to prepare for the time change is to mentally prepare yourself. If you remind your brain that time is a little different than you’ve been used to during the winter months then it will make for a smoother adjustment on your body.

2. Take a day: You aren’t the only one who’s negatively affected by the time change. If you know that it really takes your productivity down a notch then use a vacation day to help you adjust.

3. Stay positive: If you look on the brighter side of things (literally!), you’ll remember that the days are no longer and warmer weather isn’t far around the corner. Staying positive will keep your mood and productivity up in the days following Daylight Savings Time.

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