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#TransformationTuesday China Cabinet

29.12.2015 in Transformation Tuesday

For last week's #TransformationTuesday post, we featured a fabulous dining room redesign. This week, we want to take a look at that same room, and a redesign we made to a special piece of furniture in it (yes, a redesign within a redesign!). We loved this China...

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#TransformationTuesday: Family Room

22.12.2015 in Transformation Tuesday

Christmas is this week, which means family will be over to celebrate the holidays. This #TransformationTuesday client will have a family room their family can now enjoy for the festivities! What a difference some furniture and accessories make! We were so inspired by the already existing infrastructure --...

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Transformation Tuesday: Sitting Pretty

10.11.2015 in Transformation Tuesday

For this week's Transformation Tuesday, we're sitting pretty just thinking about the beautiful before and after of this chair project we took on for a client. Most of our clients have collected furnishings over the years and we are suggesting updates instead of replacement pieces. This...

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