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Give Your Windows an Upgrade!

16 Dec 2016, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor


One of the most overlooked, yet most important, parts of your home are your windows. It’s easy to overlook them, because other than dressings, it may not really feel like you can change them.

It’s also becoming much more trendy in home design to have a more minimal or casual treatment to your windows. If you have big drapes over your windows, but are looking for change, one option is to swap out the heavy drapes with clean, crisp blinds.

When it comes to blinds, we recommend using Allure window blinds. I use Allure blinds for many of my clients’ homes and am always thrilled with the versatility they provide as well as the overall transitional look.

Allure blinds give you the privacy you need, when necessary, and let in plenty of natural light. There are several options when it comes to light control and viewing options. The blinds also allow for you to filter out harsh sunlight thanks to view-through shades.

They have a wide variety of options so you can select the perfect match for your windows, colors, textures and decor. Plus, not only does this allow you to take away the bulky, massive drapes, but you can also take away the traditional blinds that many of us are used to – the ones that don’t provide much style and make you want to hang up curtains even more!

Allure blinds can be used inside your home on windows and patio doors. No matter where you use them, we promise you’re going to love having them in your home and will wonder why it took you so long to install them!

If you’re thinking of updating your windows, call Agricola Redesign to get started! You can also shop A Village Gift Shop to find the home decor and accessories you need to make your home look even better! To learn more, visit,, or call 513-771-3927.