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Three Tips for Making Your Home a Timeless Beauty

03 Feb 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor, Make Me Want To Shop Monday

Create symmetry in your home for a timeless look.

Trends come and go but timeless is forever. Whether you love the look of a timeless beauty or live a life that’s a little too chaotic to change out as much as you’d like, we’re here to help you give your home the classic, timeless look you’ll love for years to come.

Check out these three tips for making your home a Timeless Beauty:

1. Add in your interests

You don’t need to cover your home in things that have special meaning to you, but you can create pockets of interest to remind you of all that you love! Stack your favorite books on an end table, create a cluster of your favorite photos, or set a favorite family heirloom on the fireplace mantel. There’s no special way to organize it other than to set it up in a way that you can see, and you can appreciate.

2. Use symmetry

It’s easy to decorate a home but you don’t want to weigh down one side of the room with heavy art or an overload of family photos. Hang a mirror opposite the fireplace to give the room a more symmetrical look and create that timeless look.

3. Bring out the China

Don’t let your good china go to waste in the corner cabinet – bring it out for everyday use. When the real gift of life is that everyday is a gift, you don’t want to let amazing things like your china go to waste and collect dust in the corner! Create a mixed, yet cohesive table setting using this china to help make everyday feel like the special occasion that it is!

When you’re searching for new pieces to help make your home feel like a timeless beauty, stop at A Village Gift Shop! We have the decor, glassware, and so much more to help you give your home the look that will last a lifetime. You can also contact the team at Agricola Redesign to help you redesign your space for a timeless look. We’ll reuse items you already own to help you achieve that look you want!