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The Process of a Home Redesign

01 Sep 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

When it comes to redesigning a client’s home, there’s a process that goes into it to make the entire room, or house, come together.

In terms of what goes into creating and designing the perfect home redesign, clients often wonder about the pieces that go into the project. It’s common for clients to ask their designer about the process of working with a firm, and they learn all about the team effort that goes into making the home they’re dreaming of.

When you meet with the team from Agricola Redesign, including our fabulous owner Diane Agricola, our initial consultation will really be about getting to know you as a client and what you’re looking for in your home. The designers will answer design questions, help you select new colors for your home, and really listen to you about what you think works in your home and what doesn’t.

Following our first meeting, you and Diane will work together to decide what areas of your home you’d like to focus on. You’ll pick a date to get started, a date to finish, and set a budget to work with.

When it comes to working with Agricola Redesign, you’ll find out all of your costs upfront and will never be surprised with an unexpected bill or any other surprise.

When the day of your redesign arrives, you’ll head out of the house to enjoy your day while the team works on creating a custom space designed especially for you. Your space will function the way that you and your family need it to while also looking beautiful and matching the style you’re looking for in a newly redesigned home!

The majority of items in a redesign are pieces that the client already owns, so you won’t be throwing everything away and starting from scratch. However, you can bring in any additional decor items like lamps or rugs, because sometimes they just need to be freshened up!

By the end of the day, you’ll be welcomed back into your home to reveal the redesigned spaces. Diane and the team will also share with you what they did to your home and why, which is always an amazing time! We love to see the look on our clients’ faces when they walk into their newly redesigned home and fall in love!

We would love the opportunity to redesign your home! Learn more about our design firm and schedule your consultation at or by calling 513-771-3927.