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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

19 Dec 2015, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor


After 16 years owning a design business I have learned a lot. One of the things I have seen over and over is this: Every Mom decorates her children’s bedrooms and her home but neglects their master bedroom. The master usually will have hand-me-down furniture and bedding that is not going to give sweet dreams. Here’s my advice:

  • A headboard is a must. You wouldn’t believe how many times this feature is forgotten. Makes such a big difference, and you can have fun with the design!
  • Add cozy touches like a thick, woven throw or faux fur pillows. Perfect ways to make it a snuggly sanctuary.
  • Add mirrors and metallic furniture to bounce the room’s light.
    Consider additional cabinetry, built-ins, or under the bed storage so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

We carry a custom line of bedding from Eastern Accents out of Chicago it is the most luxurious bedding I have ever seen. You have so many choices from a formal look to a log cabin feel. All the bedding is custom made and the trim can be anything from crystal, beads and or fabulous fringe.

Custom might not be good for your lifestyle if you still have babies who like to share your bed. If so, consider the following: use a coverlet that is machine washable and then add beautiful patterned euro shams, regular shams, a bolster pillow and matching skirt. You will end up with a custom look with it being family-friendly!

Hope this helps! Check out our video collage below for more master bedroom design ideas.