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Five Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer!

02 Jun 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor, Tips From The Designers Tuesday

Summer is just around the corner and we have some great ideas to help you give your home that warm weather feel you’ve been itching for since those cold winter nights! Here are your five easy tips for getting your home ready for summer:

1. Clean out your fireplace. This is especially important if you used your fireplace a lot during the winter. You’ll want to get all the gunk and ash cleared out and looking spiffy. Push those memories of winter out of the way by pulling out any wood or anything that may still be in there and replace it with florals or candles. A fireplace can have multiple uses rather just being a place to make a fire. Trust us, you’ll seriously adore the trendy look of adding a little summer touch to your fireplace.

2. Stock up on outdoor living accessories. Make your deck the best room in your home by stocking up on outdoor cushions, throws, and other accessories. Whether you want to change up the look of your deck every few weeks or just want to keep it looking fresh, you’ll thank yourself later for the aesthetic appeal you create on your deck when you’re spending every weekend snoozing, grilling, and hanging out on it.

3. Add color to your bathroom. Turn your bathroom into a beach oasis when you add bright, colorful towels and shower curtains. You start off each day in the bathroom getting ready for work or play, so why not make it a beautiful place that reminds you of summer? Don’t forget to also add summer-scented soaps, lotions, and candles to really make summer come alive in your bathroom!

4. Bring the beach inside. When you’re swapping out spring decor for summer decor, add a beach theme. This includes decorating your tablescape with shells, sand, and photos of past fun summer memories. A beach tablescape will be the perfect conversation starter and maybe even inspire you to book a beach vacation!

5. Put winter in the back of the closet. You really don’t need your winter jacket or sweaters anymore, so why leave them hanging in your closet? Clear the clutter in your closets and store or donate unwanted winter clothing. Then, when you finish your closet refresher, move all your fun sandals and summer dresses to the front. Putting your winter clothes away will save you from digging through it all when you’re trying to get dressed in the mornings and help you dress appropriately for the summer!

Ready to get started on your summer decor project? Contact Agricola Redesign at 513-771-3927 to schedule an appointment in your home. We’ll give you great DIY ideas for your home and show you what’s possible using what you already own. If you want to add decor or pick up a summer gift, visit A Village Gift Shop at 3 Village Square in Glendale and we’ll help you get started!