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Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

23 Jun 2017, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

Of course there’s a National Pet Day, a National Puppy Day, and other special days celebrating our furry friends. But did you know there’s an actual day that encourages you to bring your dog to work? Well, TODAY is that day!

Since we are very pet-friendly at our store (A Village Gift Shop in Glendale – we have pet-themed gift items, plus always free treats and water for your pups), and of course, our specialty at Agricola Redesign is home decor. So, that led us to today’s blog topic: how to keep your home’s decor safe for your family’s dog. In the same way you want to keep children safe in your home, you also want your pet to be safe. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Dog-proof the bathroom. Dogs are pretty similar to children when it comes to “dog-proofing” the bathroom. You want to ensure that you put away all medicines and that cleaning products are in closed cabinets. Of course dogs can’t open cabinet doors like kids can, but you should still make sure that the cabinets are closed and there aren’t any little snouts that can nudge them open. Also, save yourself from cleaning up a mess and keep the toilet lid closed.

2. Keep the living room tidy. Animals like to chew on things, especially puppies. If you have a dog that roams around the house while you’re gone (and while you’re home!), double check that all of the electrical cords are tight and can’t be easily accessed for gnawing teeth. Also, don’t leave candles unattended and make sure that house plants are non-toxic.

3. Shut down the kitchen. Safety first in the kitchen when it comes to keeping the lid to the garbage can shut, keeping utensils off the counter or away in a drawer, and always make sure the pan handle is turned away when you’re cooking. The same way little fingers can grab a pan, sneak a knife off the counter, or eat something gross out of the garbage, so too can a dog!

Reward your fur baby for being so well-behaved with a gift from A Village Gift Shop! We have Mud Pie dog food clips, frames to cherish memories of your dog, candles that benefit a local charity that helps get dogs adopted (watch the video about that below), and much more! Come by and see us at 3 Village Square in historic downtown Glendale!