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A New Year, A New Career!

23 Dec 2016, by Agricola Redesign Staff in Home Decor

Teaching students more about home design and running their own business is part of the Design Education Course offered by Diane Agricola at Agricola Redesign.

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to talk about my most recent design class, which also happens to be my last design class for the year!

It took place in early November and, I must say, it was an absolute blast. With two students, one from Austin, Texas, and the other from Cincinnati, we all three enjoyed working together. They were such a joy to have in class and I loved teaching them about the home design and redesign business. I also loved drawing upon my experience as a designer, entrepreneur and business owner to offer them tips and tricks that I use myself when it comes to making my business thrive.

For those who don’t know, Agricola Redesign holds several sessions of home design and redecorating classes throughout the year. I love having the opportunity to help people start a new career or even dive deeper into a hobby they love.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work in a design firm as a certified redesigner, decorator, and home stager, and learn how to create beautiful, current, on-trend rooms in your home or in a client’s home, now is your chance to jump on board!

Below is a snapshot of what’s covered in a week-long class at our ARTS Redesign and Home Staging class:

Day 1: 

On the first day of class we’ll meet at the office and head up to our training center. There, we’ll start by handing out an iPad Air 2 to each student that comes equipped with manuals and apps for the class. We’ll also provide visual aids and hands-on training as part of our approach to cover the subjects of redesigning, decorating, and home staging.

Because the class is only one week long, we hit the ground running. In addition to getting acquainted with one another on the first day of class, we’ll also start exploring a variety of topics including:

Decorating elements and principles, room shapes, focal points, the art of accessorizing, color selection, wholesale shopping, the benefits of staging, staging with a buyer’s eye, owning a business startup, naming your business, business plans and goals, and social media marketing.

Diane Agricola with students in a client's home.

Diane Agricola with students in a client’s home.

Day 2:

On the second day of class we’ll meet in the office and have a quick review of what was covered in day one. Then we’ll get ready to leave for some hands-on redesign in a client’s home. The best way for you to apply what you’ve learned in class is to go to a client’s home and actually put those education classes to work! I’m always amazing by my students at how much they learn in a hands-on training experience.

Once we finish the project, the client will return home and we’ll have a reveal of the spaces that have been redesigned. I have to admit, even after all this time, I never get tired of seeing the joy in people’s faces, both students and homeowners, when the reveal is happening.

Day 3:

We’ll return to the office on the third day and go over what we accomplished on Day 2. We’ll also get to working with fabrics. We’ll talk about how many patterns you can put together and why, and we’ll also go over color selection when it comes to fabrics. Fabrics should never be feared – they are one of a home designer’s biggest assets when they’re used correctly! We’ll work throughout the day and get more involved with all areas of design as well.

Day 4: 

With class more than halfway over, we’ll start Day 4 by meeting at the office. We’ll go on yet another hands-on adventure by heading out to a client’s home. There, students will work to understand the proper placement of furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories.

On this fourth day of class we’ll also discuss staging and the difference between designing for a client who is staying in their home and a client that is ready to put their house on the market to sell.

Day 5:

On the last day of class we’ll meet at the office and review everything we learned throughout the week. We’ll get going and learn more about accessories and how to work with them. From bookcases to mantels, hutches and tabletops, we’ll cover it all. How did a week go by so fast?

Ready to sign up? Visit Agricola Redesign, choose your class week, and place your deposit. The only requirement needed is a passion for design. To see our full 2017 class schedule, visit