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The Process of a Home Redesign

01.09.2017 in Fun Fridays, Home Decor

When it comes to redesigning a client’s home, there’s a process that goes into it to make the entire room, or house, come together. In terms of what goes into creating and designing the perfect home redesign, clients often wonder about the pieces that go…

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

23.06.2017 in Home Decor

Of course there’s a National Pet Day, a National Puppy Day, and other special days celebrating our furry friends. But did you know there’s an actual day that encourages you to bring your dog to work? Well, TODAY is that day! Since we are very…

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What I Learned After My Recent Home Move

19.05.2017 in Home Decor

As a business owner in the home design industry, I work with clients five days a week. Sometimes my projects are home staging while others are focused on interior decorator. But no matter the client, I always try to guide them in the best direction…

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